David & Paula

Brother David and Sister Paula rock it when it comes to ushering the presence of God! They lead an amazing worship team that grow closer to God when administering Praise & Worship!


Want to know more about the Children’s Services here a WPC? Sister Nerissa will be happy to discuss with you the curriculum, what to expect from our PowerZone and PowerKids Teams, as well as how to get involved!


Any questions about what WPC has to offer, Upcoming Events, or just wanting to get involved with the ministries here at WPC- Sister Deborah is the one to go to! Her Super Woman skills will gladly inform you on everything that’s going on!

Bobby & Frannie

Brother Bobbie & Sister Franny are a PowerHouse team! Together they will make sure your kids are knowledgable when it comes to the word as well as excited to worship and learn more about the things of God here in WPC’s PowerZone!


Sister LaShelle is the Events Coordinator at WPC. She will make sure that every event will be done with a spirit of excellence! If you want to be a part of this awesome team please contact her.